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4 Tips For First-Time Home Sellers

A first home is a place where memories are made, and developing an emotional attachment is normal. Your decision to sell may make you sad at times, but you must not let emotions get in the way of the transaction. Selling a house has changed dramatically since your parents’ day. Technology provides house hunters with instant alerts when homes in their price range and desired location go on the market. They can view photographs on their device and quickly determine if they want to make an appointment to view a home. The following tips will help you as a first-time home seller.

Hire An Experienced Real Estate Agent

There are substantial differences between purchasing a home and selling one. The process can be complex and confusing. An experienced agent can guide you through all the details you need to know. He or she will show you comparables to assist you in appropriately pricing your home based on its age, condition, and location.

Detach From Your Home

It may seem difficult to detach from your home, but it is something that needs to be done. Pack up all your personal family items, including photographs, framed awards, trophies, children's artwork, and other similar items. This is one of the steps in staging your home for potential buyers, and it helps you to start thinking of your home as just a house. Potential buyers want to imagine how their furnishings will look in the house. If you have bold colors in all your rooms, repaint your walls with neutral tones. Make your rooms appear as spacious as possible by removing all furniture pieces that are large and bulky. Put removed items in a storage container until your house sells.

Price Your Home To Sell

Pricing your home right does not mean giving it away. It means comparing selling prices of similar homes in the area to understand its value in the market. Homeowners often price their home higher than its value to allow themselves room to come down, but it doesn't always work. Buyers may see two or three other homes the same day they see yours. If they have a real estate app on their phone or tablet, they can quickly compare what is available and how it is priced. If there are equally nice homes selling for $15,000 to $25,000 less than yours, you won't even get an offer. Take advantage of your real estate agent's expertise, and price your home realistically for a fast sale.

Understand The Costs Related To Selling

If you aren't educated on closing costs, you may be shocked when you discover the expenses that sellers are responsible for. Brokerage fees may cause you heartburn, but you can negotiate real estate commissions. They are the largest fee you will incur. Other fees that may be required include property survey, home inspection, and possible repairs. The buyer may be willing to deduct the cost of a needed repair from the selling price and have their own contractor do the work. Rely on your agent to walk you through these situations as they arise.

You can achieve a successful sale of your home by contracting with an experienced real estate agent and following these tips. Your love for your first home will go with you to the next in the form of photographs and memories.

Keith Macdonald