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Before You List Your Home


When it comes to selling a home, preparation makes the difference between a disappointing close and rousing success. Before you list your home, you should do whatever you can to improve its presentation, ensure the closing process goes smoothly, and even increase the real value of the space in a competitive market. Here’s how.

Invest in Inspection

Savvy home buyers never sign a contract without a thorough inspection of the property. If they find damage, non-functioning outlets, mold, or other problems, they can argue down the final price and even force costly last-minute repairs. Spending a little extra money at the start for an inspection of your own will identify any issues before potential buyers even see a listing and give you the chance to either fix the problems or set a more realistic starting price.

Open Up Your Home

Buyers don’t want to see your life on the property, they want to envision making a home for themselves. This is difficult when there’s the inevitable clutter of a lived-in space. Before showing your home, invest in some storage space for furniture, books, exercise equipment, or anything else that isn’t entirely essential if you’re still living in the home at the time. Once space is clear, do a thorough cleaning, even long-term jobs like carpet steaming and paint retouching. Let the home be a blank canvas for your potential buyers’ ideal home image.

Check Your Paperwork

Potential buyers or their real estate agents are more likely than ever to do extensive research about you and your property ahead of negotiations. You need to make sure the title to your home is up to date and entirely accurate before listing the property. If there are any discrepancies or disclosure issues outstanding in your paperwork, buyers and agents will be way, and banks may have grounds to deny buyers a mortgage. Running into clerical problems late in the selling process can delay closing for months and potentially lose a sale altogether.

Research Your Area

You aren’t showing your home in isolation. Other homes for sale in your area are your competition. Do some research and even visit some open houses to get a sense of what the average listing in your area really offers. Together with your real estate agent, a little research will make a big difference in your listing price expectations. Throughout the selling process, keep in mind that potential buyers are considering one of the biggest personal and financial commitments of their lives. Be sensitive to their experience, their needs, and their concerns now to have a speedy and profitable sale tomorrow.

Keith Macdonald