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Landscaping to Attract the Right Buyer


Certain buzzwords permeate a conversation on home selling. One of those phrases is “curb appeal.” Experts on television and the Internet will tell you that your home needs to pop from the outside in, but they rarely tell you exactly how to achieve this. It’s intuitive that a better-looking yard will attract more potential home buyers and drive up the price of your home.

Remove landscape architecture features with a specific personal appeal.

You went to an outdoors store and just had to have the miniature statue of Saint Peter. It spoke to you and now it continues to speak to you through the soft melodies of its music. What if Saint Peter turns off the right buyer for your home? Just as you should remove highly personalized aspects of your interior, remove those things that might not speak to buyers the same way they speak to you. Give them a highly palatable blank slate they can work with.

Plant saplings to inspire.

Many people looking for a home want a place where their family can grow. They want a place to make long and lasting memories. You can plant a few young trees in the yard, allowing your real estate agent to speak to buyers about the potential to “grow old with that tree.” They can think about how their kids will grow and how the place will evolve over time. This gets your home not just into the brain of a buyer, but also into the imagination. It’s the sort of thing that can increase your likelihood of receiving a great offer.

Remove those things that block your home from view.

Unless your house is Wrigley Field, the ivy on your exterior isn’t that important to the home’s character. One of the biggest mistakes is having things block the view of your home. This will do more than just detract from what the house has to offer. It will also prompt questions in the minds of buyers about your home. What do the bricks look like under the ivy? What’s behind that well-positioned bush? The last thing you want in the mind of a buyer is creeping uncertainty. Present your home in an honest, open fashion, allowing the landscaping to highlight the good things your property has to offer.

Landscaping can certainly help you make that big sale to the motivated home buyer. Landscaping can also hurt your chances, leaving the buyer with the wrong impression or lingering questions about what’s missing in the home. The landscaping should be simple and subtle. The grass should be cut, with edging tools used to make the home look manicured. You want a buyer to imagine himself playing in the yard with his family. This is only possible if you remove the distractions and focus on the elements that sell.

Keith Macdonald